Denomination Creates A ‘Gently Powerful’ Sustainable Identity For Tread Softly Gin

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We often see gins marketing toward the masculine, but Denomination’s packaging design for Fourth Wave Wine’s Tread Softly Gin takes the more delicate route. These gin bottles inspire a love for nature and everything the outdoors entails through beautifully intricate floral illustrations and a soft, gentle presence. Not only are these bottles perfect for storing gin, but once the liquid is gone, image these as beautifully elegant vases. 

Denomination creates a powerful and category changing brand identity for Fourth Wave Wine’s Tread Softly Gin.

The award winning eco wine brand has moved into the spirits sector with two new gins – one dry and one pink to disrupt the category. Denomination’s design defies the ubiquitous masculine block branding of gin, tapping into its dominant audience – women – who cite spirits as their preferred drink.

The brand design is sustainable, feminine and natural with a ‘gently powerful presence on the shelf’. It carries over the ethos of Tread Softly wine, that established ‘a new generation of wine for a new generation of drinker’, into the spirits sector to respond to the growing desire among consumers for brands that care about the planet. The back is screen printed featuring beautiful illustrations of flora and fauna – all of which can be seen through the glass and the liquid to amplify the natural message and reflect the brand’s awareness of its environmental footprint.

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