Deux Cranes’ Branding Infuses Traditional Japanese Culture and Childhood Memories To Create a Gorgeous Identity

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True craftsmanship shines through Deux Cranes’ visual identity through beautifully textured chocolates, elegant typefaces, and packaging design that glows with high-end details. Creative Director Ayaka B. Ito brought the branding system to life and infused her Japanese and American background into the visuals. Chocolate is always a good idea, and when it looks like this, you really can’t go wrong. 

As Creative Director and Partner, Ayaka B. Ito conceptualizes and brings all branding and visual aspects to life for Deux Cranes. Born and raised in Kawasaki, Japan, Ayaka grew up speaking Japanese and English, influenced by her parents who had an affinity towards 80s American culture through Hollywood movies. Throughout her childhood, she developed an appreciation for design by admiring the beautiful food packages sold at Depachika (the underground department stores food halls) of Tokyo, including individually packaged confectionery that resembled pieces of jewel. 

In 2005, Ito left Japan to study graphic design and pursue her childhood dream of creating meaningful brands and experiences in the confectionery world. Ito and Marron-Kibbey went to high school together in Yokohama, Japan where they initially bonded over a love of movies, manga, art exhibits in Tokyo, and weekend meals at TGI Friday’s restaurants. When the opportunity to collaborate via Deux Cranes came up in 2018, Ayaka offered her talents to elevate Deux Cranes with refined craftsmanship and thoughtful attention to detail.

 She leads the creative development of Deux Cranes’ holistic visual identity and packaging experience to embrace a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese culture and their childhood memories, from origami to classic kimono patterns they wore growing up.

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Ayaka B. Ito