Brooklyn Cider House Is The Apple Of Our Eye

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Brooklyn Cider House is reimagining the cider world with the help of the San Francisco Bay Area-based creative studio, Pavement.

This adult apple juice has perfectly captured the contrasting spirits of the Brooklyn-based cider house and Hudson Valley orchard with irreverent packaging. Each iteration of the drink is packaged with an illustrated label to match the vibe. Even if you consider yourself a craft beer lover, you might want to reach for one of these next time. Expand your palate.

Brooklyn Cider House started in 2014 when two siblings and a friend quit their jobs to grow apples, make cider, and share their love of food, life and drink. Their mission was simple – to make really great natural cider with minimal intervention and without additives, flavorings or sugar. When approached to redesign their core hard cider lineup, the goal was to capture the contrasting spirits of both their Brooklyn-based cider house and their Hudson Valley orchard.

In collaboration with street artist Keya Tama, iconic illustrations were conceptualized as the centerpiece of the redesign. Each depicted the flora and fauna of the orchard in combination with the personalities of their staff and customers in an irreverent yet memorable way. The resulting packaging system is a vast departure from their previous brand identity, but better sets Brooklyn Cider House up to be considered by the craft beer and cider connoisseurs they desired to attract.

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