Fritz-Kola Has A Can Worth Dreaming About ​​​​​​​

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Fritz-Kola is a North German soft drink that began in 2003, intending to make the soda category less harmful and more natural. This packaging looks like it's suitable for a museum sitting right between famous surrealist artists such as Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. The idea behind the packaging stems from the thought that a "harmless" soda could previously only be found in consumer's dreams. Consider this packaging as your best daydream, then.

Fritz-Kola company began its existence in 2003, when two friends with an idea that soft drinks should not be harmful and stuffed with chemistry, began their own production. The history and idea of production inspired the Fritz-Kola packaging concept in the style of surrealism and neoclassicism. We have went beyond the reality and tried to reflect what the product carries inside – an “unreal” taste with harmless ingredients – something that consumers could only dream of and see in their dreams.

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