Kocbek Is Dripping With Inspiration From The Past

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Kocbek, designed by Visual Brain Gravity, is created with the intention to keep traditions and history alive. Anton Kocbek started producing pumpkin seed oil in 1929, and the influence for the hand-blown bottle finds inspiration in a stamp that he used back in the beginning. World-renowned chefs inspired the pipette, and its use with this pumpkin oil brings a professional and sleek twist. The bottle is ornate and refined, from the intense dark matte black of the container to the gold logo. I've never used pumpkin oil before, but Kocbek makes me believe I need it in my life from now on.


Kocbek approached us with an extraordinary problem. How to push his renowned pumpkin seed oil to high-end and demanding customers? His family has been producing pumpkin seed oil for over 80 years, when his grandfather, Anton Kocbek, started producing pumpkin seed oil in 1929. From generation to generation the knowledge was passed on and hand-made production itself has not changed at all, with all the respect towards the tradition.

Pumpkin oil

Out of the 825 sorts of pumpkins known in the world, there is only one appropriate to make an oil out of its seeds. Her name is Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca and it grows best in the area where the Kocbeks family still lives. They only use pumpkin seeds that are carefully selected from local farmers. They are grown on the fields from April to September to become a liquid gift of nature, full of minerals and vitamins. They ripen in beautiful nature, blessed with rich soil, fresh air, and pure water. This 100% sustainable product is completely made in local production in Slovenia.


We discovered an old stamp that the grandfather used to mark his product back in 1929 as an inspiration to create this unique hand-blown bottle, that is made from the purest glass in the world in Hrastnik. Renowned chefs (Ana Roš – best female chefs in the world, among others) use pipettes to deliver drops of so-called green gold from Moskow, Singapore, Tokyo, and even in the prestigious Atmosphere restaurant in Burj Khalifa Dubai.

Project Credits

Gregor Zakelj

Gorazd Kocbek