Sassa’s Packaging Makes For The Perfect Summer Accessory

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Bianca Andreea is the graphic designer behind the packaging of Sassa drinks. I know I'm not alone in the fact that when I'm walking down the aisle at the market, and I see a new label that looks as fun as the kind of person I want to be, I'm instantly drawn in. The cans I hold almost become an accessory, a non-verbal extension of my personality. Sassa's branding is everything I want to be: joyful, expressive, approachable, artistic, and downright fun. Each juice flavor is packaged in a different colored can with a slightly different collection of illustrations on the front. I'd argue that Sassa is just what the juice industry has been missing.

SASSA goal is simple: make the best tasting drinks possible without using artificial ingredients. We've been working with founder Alessandro Livingston to create a punchy new packaging design. The brand, the graphics and all the visual identity were drawn in Adobe Illustrator. Its name is the most vibrant, fun, and enthusiastic way to say yes. A simple yet proprietary identity which evokes positive attitude and the bright side of life.

Project Credits

Bianca Andreea – Graphic Designer