Snack On the Branding and Illustration For Harlequin Chocolates

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The chocolate and sweets brand Harlequin Chocolates understands the power of approachable packaging. Designed by Fruzsi Fölföldi, the chocolate bar wrappers are illustrated with unconventional colors and even more whimsical themes. From tucans to Saturn to bananas, the unexpected suddenly becomes the lovely packaging of the chocolate’s branding system. 

Brand and packaging​​​​​​​ design with illustrations for Harlequin Chocolates. As it is a small manufactory producing high quality handcrafted chocolates, the aim of this project was 
to create an elegant logotype combined with unique illustrations that shows the diversity
of the flavours and colourfulness of the chocolates. The logo is the combination of the letters H and C, but also refers to the shape of a harlequin ladybird.

Project Credits

Fruzsi Fölföldi