Strive Gel’s Branding Will Shock You With Its High Energy Visuals

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Take one look at Strive’s Energy Gel, and you’ll be instantly shocked with energy. These gel packets utilize foil detailing and a dot pattern infused with intensity completed with bold details balanced with modern design elements. It appears that Strive appeals to endurance athletes that also have an eye for aesthetics. The bold color choices paired with even bolder typography ensure that this gel doesn’t miss any energetic beats

Strive’s latest product, Strive Energy gel is an easy to swallow liquid energy booster. Consuming energy bar can be difficult when you are doing certain endurance and high-impact exercise like running so this product is a simpler alternative for people who needs energy during activity. The 1984 designs packaging and merchandise for Strive Energy Gel.

In this project, we’d like to build visual language that’s relevant to runners’ active lifestyle. Through the packaging, we’d like to show an air of freshness and energy. Robust graphic and type are printed directly on the foil material, forming into a brutalist yet dynamic looking visual. We believe this heavy contrast makes it possible for our active consumers to recognize and use the product intuitively.

We also designed Strive Energy Gel merchandise to help highlight the brand’s personality. The patterns and typeface are utilized to help describe energetic feeling that the gel gives.

Project Credits

The 1984
Ryan Makasutji
Ratta Bill