We Should Have Gone Trick-or-Treating at Burger King: Ogilvy Turns Mini Whopper Jr. Into Candy

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Burger King has consistently been recognized for its Halloween stunts, and this year is no different.

This year, the burger joint “disguised” one of their most iconic burgers, The Whopper, into a special edition “Whopper Jr.” that’s both candy-sized and candy-shaped, created by Ogilvy. The innovated stunt is both clever and straightforward, a winning combination for a brilliant campaign.

Halloween is one of the favorite times of the year to wear costumes. With this premise in mind, Ogilvy – De la Cruz developed a campaign for Burger King that breaks with the traditional “trick or treat”, “disguising ” one of its iconic hamburgers.

Burger King has been recognized worldwide for decorating its restaurants, modifying its logo and even dressing up its main character to celebrate Halloween in its own way. This year, it transformed its iconic product and will launch a special edition of Whopper Jr., with the size and shape of a candy.

Thus, from the Burger King App, fans can order a limited edition of the Mini Whopper Jr. In the application you will find this hamburger that was specially created for this occasion.

“It is part of our vision of Borderless Creativity to think ideas that go further, ideas that in addition to communication include products or relevant innovations for our clients, that above all, help them grow their business”, said Jessica Apellaniz, Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy Latina.

Rafa Reina, Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy – De la Cruz in Puerto Rico, added: “We are very happy with the development of this campaign. We set out to encourage the use of the Burger King app in a season like Halloween. We did it by creating an innovation with our beloved Whopper Jr. This is an edition that you can only find in the app and in restaurants around the island. In addition, we will run the campaign on social media with influencers and celebrities. Burger King is crowned like the king of a season in which not everything is gummies and chocolate “

“With BK being the category leader in Puerto Rico, we knew that expectations were high for us, for the public and for ourselves. For this reason, at this time of year, we decided to take risks and beyond carrying out a traditional communication action, we developed a product launched exclusively to connect with the most demanding: young people. All of us who work in this industry know that a new development takes time, and in this case, doing it for a limited time while preserving the freshness and naturalness of our ingredients, was the best way to put in everyone’s mouth what we really are”, indicated Daniel Pérez del Valle, VP Marketing of Burger King Puerto Rico.

Project Credits

Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy Latam: Jessica Apellaniz

Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy -De la Cruz: Rafael Reina Granados