Your Board Games Can Look Cool Now Too, Thanks to Chronicle Books

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Do you love board games, but aren’t quite as into how they look in your living room? Chronicle Books is here to solve that problem with an eye-catching collection of board games that are well worth showing off. Their renditions of classic party activities like trivia, charades, and truth-or-dare come in maximalist geometric packaging with high-contrast hues. Sharp, colorful patterns pop, while the title cards keep it simple with sans serif fonts and cute icons.

Check out their exciting roster of games below or on the Chronicle Books website.

Our Games Room collection is designed with the discerning game buyer in mind. From the vibrant, geometric-patterned keepsake boxes to the games themselves, every product in the Games Room range looks as beautiful on the shelf as it is fun to play.

Featured in interior design magazines in the past, Games Room’s visually stunning packaging stands out in any room. Top trend forecaster WGSN has outlined classic games in premium, well-designed packaging that align well with room décor as a key trend among consumers, and our Games Room classic games, trivia and gift sets will elevate any interior space.

What Am I?
Teams race against the clock to guess the mystery item—anything from “ice cream” to “the Eiffel Tower”—that players describe with increasingly specific clues. In a beautifully designed package, this is a wonderful all-ages game for friends and family alike.

Pop Culture Charades
Let the games begin with this charade deck, a compact and portable game for pop culture fanatics! Simply act out the titles of the latest-and-greatest books, films, songs, TV shows, and plays—without speaking a word—for your team to guess.

Beer Trivia
Crack open a cold one to go with this beer trivia deck, and challenge your friends and family with 140 foamy and fun trivia questions housed in a handsome box. Tap into all the beer-centric topics you can imagine—from science and history to pop culture and fun facts!

Beach Trivia
With 140 beach-centric trivia questions in a gorgeous and portable box, feel that ocean breeze no matter where you are. These multiple-choice questions cover interesting facts about all things beachy!

Family Truth or Dare
Featuring 100 exciting prompts on 50 double-sided sticks, these family-friendly questions and fun challenges—along with the chic and cheerful packaging—make this the perfect game to make family game night an entertaining and laugh-out-loud event.