Lively Photos of a Woman-Owned Farm Breaking Away from the Factory Model

Posted inPhotography and Design

Photographer Magali Polverino recently released images of El Abascay, a farm in Buenos Aires. Mother-daughter duo Rosario and Consuelo started the farm after frustration with the dairy industry inspired them to create their own products. This radical shift from factory farming allows the family to focus on ethical agriculture and a more thoughtful, slow-paced process.

Polverino uses gorgeous, colorful macro images to bring the farm’s fresh atmosphere to life. Playful backgrounds and motionless repetition adds a sense of magic and wonder to the space and its subjects.

El Abascay is a farm run by a family of women who decided to stop selling their milk to the mass-produced dairy industry and started making their own products.
They also sell the best free range eggs and we wanted to reflect that by showing how the hens live. They roam free in the fields and even inside the house!

Project Credits
Photography Magali Polverino
| @magalipolverino
Photo Assistant Cande Cortes
Chef @totiquesada
Brand @elabascaybrandsen