El Rayo Tequila’s Photographs By Futura Showcase the Majesty of the Blue Agave Plant

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Tequila is a spirit with, well, spirit, and the tequila brand El Rayo is no exception. Designed to be mixed with tonic, this brand is all about naturally simple things. Because this brand is so fresh and unafraid of carving new paths in the industry, it only made sense that they would work with the creative studio Futura to create photographs to showcase it all. The use of vibrant colors, rich textures, and striking geometrical moments are present in each gorgeous image, proving that this brand is different from the rest in the best possible way. 

“El Rayo” is a Tequila sold in London. It is inspired by the origins and the ancient legend of this drink: during a thunderstorm, a lightning struck a blue agave. It´s light that caught the attention of a peasant, who discovered the liquid.

For this project we were in charge of a photographic production inspired by Modern Mexican Architecture, which stands out for its geometry. The use of primary colours, contrasts and play of light was crucial. We decided to use different spaces in Mexico with works by architects such as Luis Barragán and Ricardo Legorreta.

The series was complemented with photographs based on the origins of tequila and the work in the field. We wanted to highlight the majesty of the blue agave plant ,from which the Rayo is purely made, by endowing it with magical and shamanic properties. The bottles were presented in a mystical atmosphere through the use of vibrant colours and elements such as smoke. The colour gradients represent different moments of the day in the countryside. 

Project Credits

Art Direction: Futura
Photography: Futura
Furniture: Taller Luum