Five Architectural Photographers to Follow on Instagram

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The solid, confident look of the buildings we pass every day only seems effortless. But the pure artistry that goes into planning and executing these massive structures is almost incomprehensible.

A proficient landscape photographer can do wonders to convey the majesty of a well-constructed building. Thankfully, they often share their intimate understanding of a structure’s incredible details on social media. Today, I’ve listed five architectural photographers who skillfully capture the kind of beauty we often take for granted.

Nour El Refai | @nourelrefai

This Egyptian photographer has a knack for showcasing the peaceful stillness of a space. You’ll likely want to leap into the screen while looking through his luxurious, refined photos. Refai has been shooting professionally since 2005, and his client list includes big names like Western Union and You can also find his work in iconic publications like National Geographic and Architectural Digest.

Dario | @dario_trivino

If you’re a fan of splashy palettes and detailed line work, you’ll adore Dario’s photos. Their rhythmic look and vibrant colors might make you wonder if you’re looking at architecture at all. The striking geometry of Dario’s work adds a surreal, dazzling effect to scrolling through his feed.

Meghan Mathews | @meg_mathews_




This Barcelona designer and photographer constructs deeply nostalgic images with stunning lighting. She often shoots during the golden hour, which adds an especially captivating feel to her scenes. A scroll through her feed reveals a keen eye for light, color, and composition that extends beyond her architectural photography.

Andrés Gallardo Albajar |

Albajar’s account reveals the whimsical details and romantic components that make captivating architecture. He has a talent for highlighting intricate designs in a way that feels approachable and digestible. This self-taught photographer has been featured in publications such as Architectural Digest, National Geographic, and Playboy, among many others.

Kim Høltermand | @holtermand

Høltermand’s expressive, moody photography prioritizes composition, space, and light. His love of sci-fi cinema shines through the otherworldly textures and almost bleak colors of his work. Høltermand is a master of framing potentially overwhelming design elements like stadium seating and making them feel effortlessly minimalistic.