Hanna Quevedo’s New Photography Book ‘Dessert First!’ Highlights the Weird and Wonderful

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Known for her photojournalism capturing the innate passing of time, artful human culture, and intrinsic connections, Hanna Quevedo's keen eye is full of talent.

The photographer recently released a book that features images from her US travels encountering varieties of exciting characters, beauty, and freedom. Hydra/Inframundo helped design the project, and the result is a series of images that each bring a new perspective and light. The images are witty, exciting, and sure to inspire. With a title like Dessert First!, it's clear that this photography book is about living life on your own terms and your own timeline.

Dessert First! is contemporary portrait and documentary photographer Hanna Quevedo's debut photobook. Dessert First! compiles Quevedo's often self-reflective, gloriously grainy, color film images from nine years that she spent in the US exploring and encountering varieties of weirdness, beauty, and freedom.

This book is a co-edition with Hydra and Burn Barrel Press, who helped design the project through their Incubadora Fotolibros Program, which Hanna entered in 2019. Full color, 146 pages, screen-printed cover, book elastic enclosure, includes 2 custom stickers.

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Photographer: Hanna Quevedo