The Next Generation of Visual Artists

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I just received an announcement card from the Mahady Gallery at Marywood University, where I teach. Next month they are hosting The Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition for Northeast Pennsylvania as part of the national Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Featured in the show will be Gold and Silver award-winning work by middle school and high school students from the Northeastern Pennsylvania region. These students then go on to compete in the national awards in New York City.

The past 90 years worth of winners in the visual arts reads likes a Who’s Who. Many will be familiar names to Print readers, some of which have been written about here in Imprint:

  1. 1933: Jacob Landau


1934: Jacob Landau & Ezra Jack Keats

  1. 1941: Richard Avedon & Philip Pearlstein

  2. 1942: Philip Pearlstein

  3. 1945: Andy Warhol

  4. 1946: Robert Indiana

  5. 1947: Sylvia Plath

  6. 1947: Ed Sorel

  7. 1948: Cy Twombly

  8. 1949: John Baldessari

  9. 1951: Alan Arkin

  10. 1952: Red Grooms

  11. 1954: Robert Redford

  12. 1968: Gary Panter

  13. 1970: David Salle

  14. 1974: Michael Bierut

The scholarship was founded in 1923 to “inspire bold ideas in creative teens throughout the country.” Today the categories in art include Architecture, Comic Art, Digital Art and Video Game Design, in addition to more traditional media.

“The defining moment of my life was when I was 17 and was honored by The Awards. Being recognized meant that little pat on the back, that sense of confidence that I could enter a life that I loved, and I had somebody behind me say, ‘This is okay.’” —Richard Avedon

“It gave meaning to my life that simply wasn’t there before. I had no direction of any sort. When I did win The Award, besides being stunned by the fact of having won, it really set a course I never deviated from.”— Philip Pearlstein

You can read more about the awards here.

And the local exhibit here.


“Loco Sunoco!” by Alex Tomlinson, grade 11, Scranton High School

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