If Only the Iraq War Was a Laughing Matter

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In Izabella Bielawska’s Operation Iraqi Freedom Activity Book, there are such “fun and creative” family activities as searching for weapons of mass destruction, finding Saddam Hussein, liberating Iraq and more. “This dramatically different activity book will really make you think.”

I found this in my collection of printed Iraq war protests, which includes their fair share of indictments against what turned out to be a waste of lives and resources. Most were also so pegged to this specific conflict that they don’t have the timeless anti-war echoes of some important protest. But Operation Iraqi Freedom, which clearly linked to the event, also shows that not much has changed in the region. Saddam is gone, but his replacement is the Islamic State. Troops are reduced, but the buildup in Afghanistan will not be lessened for the foreseeable future.

This satiric booklet will make you laugh, but it’s a tragically painful laughter.

Iraqui freedom001
Iraqui freedom002
Iraqui freedom003
Iraqui freedom004
Iraqui freedom005
Iraqui freedom006
Iraqui freedom008
Iraqui freedom009
Iraqui freedom010
Iraqui freedom007
Iraqui freedom011

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