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05/06/2014: Creative Quarterly journals

Print’s Regional Design Annual judges are looking to discover top talent to be featured in this year’s RDA. Judges include Debbie Millman, Jessica Helfand, Caleb Bennett, Joseph Duffy, Alexander Isley and Michael Vanderbyl. Enter today.

For the the rest of this month we’ll be taking a look at some of the excellent work featured as part of last year’s Regional Design Annual. Today, we start in New York City, but we’ll spend the series hopping around from region to region.

This is just one in a series of Creative Quarterly journals came courtesy of the impeccable portfolio of Brooklyn-based Hively Designs. Being an art and design publication, each cover has a different character – some containing black and white photography and others have more grit, like the graffiti wall cover below. Even still, each volume feels cohesive part of the series, and the interiors are just as carefully considered. Check out more of their work here. 

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