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10 Fantastical Holiday Gift Ideas for Color Fans

Sharpen your pencils and fire up your browsers, color-mavens. The holidays are officially on, and it’s high time to go shopping. Here are the top 10 color-themed gifts this holiday season:


First, the splurges. I fell instantly in love with these color-wheel rugs by French designer Constance Guisset for Italian rugmaker Nodus. Thanks, Fast Company, for the tip! (If you’re a sucker for color wheels, don’t miss my three-part blog series on the history of the color wheel, an all-time Print favorite.)

Another absurdly beautiful, not-entirely-practical gift is Shisheido’s Life Color Clock, which extracts colors from photos, then dynamically generates a clockface reflecting the colors of that moment.

Life Color Clock, via Notcot: http://www.notcot.org/post/55546/

If you’re basking in the pellucid glow of Christmas-tree lights, you can pick up a Holi Lamp. It gives you fine-gauged control over the color show with its mobile and tablet apps, syncs those colors to music if you like, and more. It’s hardly necessary, but what smashing gift really is?


Now for you book-fetishists, we’ve got a bevy of gorgeous options. I’ve already packed out a full bookshelf with color books, but I’m angling to add another: The Book of Black by Clifford A. Pickover. Meanwhile, if you don’t own these titles already, run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookshop and pick up Pantone: The Twentieth Century in Color by Leatrice Eiseman, Color Inspirations by our pals at COLOURLovers.com, and why not toss another ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color into your sack?


You gotta have stocking stuffers, and coloring books always fit the bill. What finer way to while away those Christmas-morning hours, deliciously dawdling over coffee and bagels? I’m partial this year to Coloring for Grown-Ups Holiday Fun Edition, which perfectly skewers every awkward holiday moment in the calendar year. Scribble away to your heart’s content; just don’t let your nosey-parker relatives peer over your shoulder and spoil your dramatic-irony fun.


What are you going to carry all that color-loot in? Your Cass Art tote-bag designed by Angus Hyland and Jamie Hearn, of course:

Via: http://new.pentagram.com/2013/10/new-work-cass-art-bags/

Last but never least, the holidays are also about enlarging your scope and helping the less fortunate. Give yourself a visual treat and pick up one of these posters by ROY G. BIV illustrator Oliver Munday. He set the opening epigraphs to every episode of acclaimed TV series The Wire and created a handsome poster series. Each purchase benefits the Baltimore Urban Debate League, a real-life organization featured in a key episode of the show. Scoop up one (or several) at WirePosterProject.com. Oliver really knows how to put the dope on the damn table.


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