19 Short Stories, Covered for Faber’s 90th Anniversary

Last month, we featured the work of British book cover designer Anna Morrison—and in the process discovered the Faber Stories series.

In celebration of Faber’s 90th anniversary, the publisher released a special line of books capturing short stories from both contemporary practitioners and classic authors, across a variety of genres. The result is a brilliant series that manages to surprise in its selections—and a brilliantly designed cache of tiny tomes.

“We wanted to create beautiful, collectable, physical editions, which looked both fresh and vintage,” Faber & Faber editorial director Angus Cargill told the bookseller Foyles. “While the format and palette were prescribed by our in-house design team of Donna Payne and Jonny Pelham, each individual jacket was given to a different designer, and their responses, so exciting to see, individually and collectively, truly celebrate these short fiction gems.”

Here’s a look at some highlights, beginning with Morrison’s. For more on the design of the series, head to Faber’s blog.

Anna Morrison

Andrzej Klimowski

Gary Percival

Woodrow Phoenix

Jonathan Pelham

María Medem

Jack Smyth

Bill Bragg

Steve Lloyd / icoEx

Jonathan Pelham

Elena Durey

Jonathan Pelham

Darren Wall

Alex Kirby

Tree Abraham

Charlotte Ager

Laura Berger

Jamie Keenan

Leanne Shapton