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Are you looking for an easy way to search and access PRINT’s 2007 issues? Buy the 2007 Retrospective CD, which allows you to find the full contents of all six 2007 issues, including the Regional Design Annual. It’s easy to search, find, and print your favorites. A click on a cover line or title in the table of contents takes you instantly to the story you want.

On our website, we only provide selected articles from each issue, with limited text. But the CD includes all of the original page layouts, complete with the beautiful photography and art you’ve come to expect from PRINT. You’ll save 66% off the newsstand price, and receive the same great content, in a portable CD. It’s a great way to keep PRINT at your fingertips, whether at home or at the office.

The CD includes all of the articles below, and more!

January/February—Global Design Our third annual issue on global design features a look at graffiti artist Banksy, designers in Berlin, Canadian illustrator Ray Fenwick, interactive work from India’s Ranjit Makkuni, the Museum of the Portuguese Language in Brazil, and magazines about the Middle East.

March/April—New Visual Artists Our highly anticipated 9th annual New Visual Artists issue highlights 20 of the brightest design stars under 30. This issue also features Student Cover Competition winners, design duo Friends With You, Korean comics, and the constantly expanding DIY culture.

May/June—European Design Annual The European Design Annual is our 12th annual showcase of the best in European Design. Rick Poynor’s critical look at design blogs, a profile of Lithuania’s design studio PetPunk, European video games, a look at the work of Henning Wagenbreth, Wagenbreth, and an interview with French cartoonist J.J.Sempé.

July/August—The Consumption Issue The Consumption Issue, featuring a look at the role designers play in driving spending, saving, and activism includes articles advertising the luxury condo craze, pop up retail stores, fake products for German television, and the man whose Brillo boxes inspired Andy Warhol. Plus: A week in the life of four very obsessed consumers.

September/October—Business Graphics The best business graphics from our third annual competition, and articles about the allure of exhibition design firm Local Projects, the future of Getty Images, the graphic images of radium advertising, how McSweeney’s has influenced corporate design, and the wackiness of the Nickelodeon television showYo Gabba Gabba! November/December—Print’s Regional Design Annual Our biggest Regional Design Annual ever includes 1,026 winning designs, divided by region. Plus: The New Republic gets a new look, a New Orleans illustrator considers the aftermath of Katrina, and Wikipedia gets it all wrong.