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Deadline Approaching! Reminder to Enter the 2013 Regional Design Annual

By: Print staff | February 27, 2013

In case you haven’t noticed, the deadline for submitting work to the 2013 Regional Design Annual is coming up soon—Monday, April 1 to be exact. Now, if you’re a graphic artist of any kind and you’ve never submitted work before, you may be asking yourself “What’s the big deal?”

Well let us tell you, it is a BIG deal. Print Magazine’s Regional Design Annual is one of the oldest graphic design competitions in the country; it’s also one of the most respected. Besides having your work printed in the magazine (an issue that’s held onto and referenced for years for its collection of amazing work), you’ll also make it into the RDA website and be showcased live at the HOW Design Conference!

That’s a lot of bragging rights.

As one of the oldest graphic design magazines in the country, Print Magazine carries a certain reputation with it; after all, it was founded in 1940. And the 2013 Regional Design Annual lets you be a part of that prestigious history and reputation.

Competitions like the RDA give you a chance to get your work out there and get noticed, while also giving you more bargaining power when pursuing career options. But sometimes it’s about more than the practical aspect. Some designers enter work every year, even after they’ve already made it in once. It’s a chance to celebrate that piece of design you know is one of your crowning achievements, something that deserves to be recognized.

Obviously not everyone makes it in, but that’s part of the experience as well. As you keep growing as a designer and taking your skills to greater heights, you can submit again and see how far you’ve come. If you are selected, your work will sit amongst the best in the country.

So that is why the 2013 Regional Design Annual is such a big deal. Why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that? So hurry up and submit before Monday, April 1; you still have time! This could be the beginning of something great.