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Decades-Worth of Design Magazine Covers

When PRINT turned 75 in 2015, it gave us a great excuse to blissfully disappear into the bowels of the archives with a scanner for days on end.

The covers for the annual RDA—which is now nearly 40 years old—serve as an evolutionary chart for the field’s aesthetics and trends over the years.

Here is an updated list of all the RDA covers from the past four decades, from the bold to the brilliant to the bizarre.

Design: Andrew P. Kner. Photos: Harold Whitely.

Bill Purdom

David Wilcox

Rafal Oblinski

Design: Andrew P. Kner. Model: Suzanne Couture. Photo: Karen Leeds.

Bill Nelson

Design: Rick Eiber, Andrew P. Kner. Photo: Ben Kerns.

Design: Andrew P. Kner. Illustration: Shelley Daniels. Photo: Galante / Marzelli.

Design: Andrew P. Kner. Photo: Nick Rosza.

Design: Scott Menchin. Photo: William Duke.

McRay Magleby

Design: Peter Good. Photo: Jim Coon.

Kit Hinrichs

Carin Goldberg

Charles Waller

Sam Kuo

Chris Ware

Michael Ian Kaye

Design and illustration: Steven Brower

Design: Steven Brower

Art Direction and design: Steven Brower. Photography: Richie Fahey. Hair/makeup: Maria Cristina. Models: CJ Lashuk, Greg Jackson.

Design by Steven Brower

Design by Stephanie Skirvin

Abbott Miller/Pentagram

Photography: Michael Schmelling.

Nicholas Blechman


Photography: Henry Hargreaves.

Photography: Brenden Beecy.

Jason Polan

Debbie Millman

Sean Adams

Marian Bantjes

Go behind the scenes.

Kelli Anderson

Go behind the scenes.

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