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4 Interactive Design Sessions from HIDC 2015

At the HOW Interactive Design Conference, you’ll learn how you can shape that future. Hear from the creative minds who are leading the charge toward a brighter future and learn from their stories. Delve into the latest technologies, the best resources for advancing your design career, the advice you need to build your skills and expand your horizons.

HIDC is calling. Join us in San Francisco (September 20-22), Chicago (October 5-7) or Boston (November 5-7)—or all three—for a fresh look at the future of design. Hear from Blair Culbreth, Scott McCloud, Emily Brick of Buzzfeed, and many more.

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Want a taste of what you’ll find at HIDC? Here are 6 sessions from the upcoming conference series:

Joel Beukelman – Interaction Designer at Google

Guard against the encroachment of your own bias in the design process. In this incisive session, Google’s Joel Beukelman—formerly of Netflix and AppStack—teaches you how to avoid this common design pitfall. As designers and creatives, we must craft compelling products and experiences—and we’re increasingly charged with doing that independent of our own perspective or taste. Heed real-world examples to approach your product design in an unbiased way.

Dennis Cheatham – Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Miami University

When the design process begins with human behavior-based research, what matters most to your target audience comes to the surface. Learn how to research human behavior and, in the process, inform your work and foster interactive and branding design solutions that delight. Discover which methods can be utilized quickly, when to use them and for what effect. Get ready for insights that will transform your design outcomes.

Jared Ponchot – Creative Director, Lullabot

Using his extensive knowledge acquired through Lullabot’s work with open source platforms and Content Management Systems (for clients like Martha Stewart Living, NBC and Sony Pictures) Jared will share lessons from the front-lines. He’ll walk you through real-life projects and describe the principles, approaches, and methods Lullabot’s team uses to design and build great user experiences for clients where content literally is their business. He’ll help you understand “how a CMS thinks” and look for ways to leverage that, marrying it with both content strategy and the way users think as well. He’ll also cover some of the latest implementation strategies (e.g. de-coupled approaches) that are beginning to provide greater design and front-end flexibility while maintaining a solid editorial experience.


Dan Hon – Editorial Director, Code for America

Get an inside look at what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the way non-profits and government interact with technology, as Code for America’s Dan Hon discusses how the non-profit has partnered with local governments across America to deliver services: from reducing San Francisco’s food stamp signup process to 6 screens from 50, to building a dashboard to help judges reduce the wait for a trial and jail overcrowding.

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