5 Package Designs of the Week

When it comes to the world of packaging, no one covers it more comprehensively than Dieline—so we’ve partnered with our friends at the site on a new column, 5 Package Designs of the Week. Check in every Friday for five of the finest pieces of pack from the week that was.


“CEEN is a brand that respects the planet with not only its packaging, but its design. The bottle, which is 100% ocean waste plastic, is clear, showcasing the natural ingredients contained within. The elephant logo is walking along lines, a visual that the earth we walk on is precious and should be respected. … CEEN is a subdued design that cares more about what it’s doing for the earth than it cares to be flashy.”

—Shawn Binder

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Roy’s Natural Skincare

“Clean beauty has become a hype word in the cosmetic space that doesn't always align with a brand’s design. Thankfully, Roy’s Natural Skincare doesn’t have this issue. Its clean, lined label system allows a vibrant color to denote each product variant, allowing the top half of the design to stay uniform. The typeface used for each product is also juxtaposed against the serif logo. … With all of these lined up on your bathroom counter, you’re letting everyone know that you deeply care about your face and the environment. A total flex.”

—Shawn Binder

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Dinamite Collection

“Some solid, chunky white lines can leave quite the impression as you’re strolling through the wine shop, so much so that you probably wouldn’t even care if it was a merlot. Mafalda Portal’s latest Dinamite collection offers three sparkling wines, aptly named 1, 2, and 3. We’ll let you figure out why.”

—Andrew Gibbs

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Sundays is a brand of premium dog food that has the convenience of dry kibble but with quality ingredients and optimal nutrition. … Agency Bondfire helped Sundays develop its brand strategy, naming and identity system. The tone is playful and straightforward, clearly highlighting the human-quality of ingredients. With a philosophy that our canines are equal members of the family, the packaging takes cues from cereal boxes, of all things. Information side panels mimic those found on the breakfast staple, and the back panel includes a word search. The upstart brand sticks to dog food packaging tradition with an actual canine dominating the front, which gives it that nice Wheaties touch, minus the dunks.”

—Rudy Sanchez

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Major Studio x Piecework

“Major Studio partnered with Piecework to build a new brand of puzzles that have made jigsaw love a part of the cultural conversation once more. That is, of course, if putting together a 1,000-piece puzzle of a 19th-century street, complete with horsies and buggies, with your grandma, was ever part of the cultural conversation to begin with? Anyway, stop judging us.”

—Bill McCool

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