5 Package Designs of the Week

When it comes to the world of packaging, no one covers it more comprehensively than Dieline—so we’ve partnered with our friends at the site on a new column, 5 Package Designs of the Week.

Check in every Friday for five of the finest pieces of pack from the week that was.


“We’re jumping through hoops over déjà, a zero-waste dog food brand that utilizes an ingenious packaging design that removes plastic from the equation. The clean color palette of white and green conveys a natural quality, with an equally endearing typeface, making for a disruptive dog food brand that instantly stands out on the shelf.”

—Shawn Binder

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Día de Muertos Tequila

“Tequila Clase Azul is world-renowned for premium tequilas bottled in distinctive ceramic vessels, each handcrafted by artisans in the small Mexican town of Santa Maria Canchesda. This year’s Día de Muertos edición brings the lively and joyous spirit of the holiday to its iconic bottles.

“This Joven, or blanco blended with aged tequilas, is packaged in the brand’s signature ceramic ‘upside down gothic table chair’–shaped bottle painted in a bone-like color, tying it to the transition from life to death. Traditional marigolds adorn the bottle, much like they do the homes and ofrendas built for those that have left meatspace. A large skull, a common symbol of the holiday, is featured on the bottom of the bottle. Subtle, dirt-like accents are painted on, evoking burial, an artistic detail that strengthens the overall theme. Finally, a bronze-colored domed cap gives a luxurious flourish to the painstakingly handcrafted vessel.”

—Rudy Sanchez

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“Matter is a brand-new coating with antimicrobial properties that can protect product packaging and reduce the presence of harmful microbes and bacteria by 99.9%. Developed by San Francisco creative agency Designsake Studio, the protective barrier utilizes silver ion technology that minimizes the possibility of microbes and viruses infiltrating the surface of a piece of packaging. Once you eliminate the opportunity for bacteria to metabolize on that surface, it can no longer propagate its survival because it can’t convert nutrients into energy.”

—Bill McCool

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Lucky Lager

“We’re feeling lucky thanks to the design for Lucky Lager. The large, vibrant red ‘X’ makes a statement that drinkers won’t soon forget. The design is subversive and minimal, making every letter stand out. This visually arresting brew is sure to grab the attention of beer aficionados everywhere.”

—Shawn Binder

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“Take a bite out of the retro and geometric-inspired design for Madies, a preservative-free snack brand. With typography that feels both modern and retro at the same time, the vivid colors of the packaging allow the label to draw the consumer in. The half circles bring a balanced feel to the design that makes this snack feel approachable and upscale.”

—Shawn Binder

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