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There Will Never Be Another 2020 in Our Lifetime

By: Steven Heller

. . . Or ever, for that matter. But on a lighter note. . .

Poul Lange has been pondering the new decade:

“Everyone, who has been on Facebook for a while, has probably received one of those challenges: ‘Show one record cover that has been important to you every day for 2 weeks’, ‘Share a daily black/white photo you took for 10 days, no comments allowed,’ ‘Every day nominate a friend to do the same’. I’m not sure why, but these demands have always rubbed me the wrong way. Why just record covers? Why am I not allowed to comment? Why didn’t anybody nominate me?

“So sometimes I make my own little challenges, and the only person I nominate is myself. This change of decades prompted me to do that.

“Somehow this milestone seems awfully significant—not sure exactly why—maybe the cool sound of twenty-twenty, maybe the end of this century’s teenage years, maybe the looming political events of the coming year. Anyway, I decided to challenge myself to make a 2020 New Year’s card every day for a week.”

“For full disclosure I’ll have to admit that this was not only a challenge to my artistic discipline, it was also the last major procrastination trick of this decade: As one of the rules I set for myself, all the materials for the collages had to be found on my work table. You can imagine what a mess it was (photo enclosed), but the rule was easy to follow and gave me an extra week before my big clean-up.”

And I’ve decided in the spirit of a new beginning — and hope for a better tomorrow — to publish Lange’s output now that 2020 is well underway. It gives me a certain inexplicable joy to have his work on The Daily Heller.

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