• Zachary Petit

6 Award-Winning Typefaces

As we gear up for Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards, we’re once again taking stock of our favorite winners from last year’s competition, which was judged by Dana Tanamachi and Dr. Shelley Gruendler. For the latest type takeover, here are six eye-catching faces, from the workhorses to the colorful and curious (click for higher-res).


Marco—TypeTogether, Prague; www.type-together.com/marco: Toshi Omagari (designer), TypeTogether (foundry). As judge Shelley Gruendler says, “Marco is an admirable example of a new approach to historically inspired type design that is still commercially viable. One instantly can see the Italian influence [yet also] imagine a deluge of applications. This typeface is detailed and clever, utilitarian and elegant, and a perfect example of the excellence that is possible in type design today.”


Frauen—Sharp Type, Brooklyn, NY; www.sharptype.co: Lucas Sharp (art director/designer), Sharp Type (type foundry)

Eric Gill Series

Eric Gill Series—Monotype, Woburn, MA; www.monotype.com: Eric Gill, Steve Matteson, George Ryan, Terrance Weinzierl, Ben Jones (designers)

Neue Haas Unica

Neue Haas Unica—Monotype, Woburn, MA; www.monotype.com: Toshi Omagari & Team ’77 (designers)


Essonnes Typeface—JTD, Lancaster, PA; www.jtdtype.com: James Todd (art director, designer, illustrator, photographer, copywriters, printer), JTD (type foundry)


Typewood – The Declaration of Deconstructed Typography—Novo Typo, Amsterdam, Netherlands; www.novotypo.nl: Novo Typo – (typo)graphic designers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands (art directors/designers), Novo Typo (client)

Put Your Type to the Test!

All too often, typography gets overlooked in larger design competitions—which is why we developed one that gives the artforms their full due and recognizes the best designers in each category. Whether you design your own typefaces, design type-centric pieces or create gorgeous handlettered projects, we want to see your work—and share it with our readers.

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