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7 Brilliant 2017 Calendar Designs

This was a pretty messy year. A contentious election, war across the world, and all manner of tragic deaths among creative people. Personally, I need to take a break from it all, and what better way to do so than with the beauty of calendar design.

Join me and ease your mind with these lovely 2017 calendar designs, gathered from around the web:

7 Gorgeous Calendar Designs to Ring in 2017

The Mr Cup Creative Manifesto Letterpress Calendar

Released once per year, this enthralling letterpress calendar by Mr Cup is consistently one of our favorites. Below are images of the limited edition calendar, but you can get the regular edition here, and it’s just as lovely.

(This section has been updated for accuracy.)

The Bureau Oberhaeuser Calendar 2017

This wall calendar created by German design firm design studio Bureau Oberhaeuser, which focuses on information and interface design. Read about it here, or you can get one here.

Hansen/2 2017 Calendar

Another brilliant one out of Germany, this calendar by Hansen/2 visualizes time by showing the remaining weeks to the end of the year, month-by-month, with each week represented by die-cut holes that disappear by month.

Torn Around

This wall calendar by collage and paper design creator Fitacola features creative scenes with torn paper. Sadly the calendar is sold out, but you can get individuals of each month’s artwork here. More details here.

Constellation Calendar

This calendar by Spanish studio Pixelbox unfolds to reveal a constellation map for the coming year. Learn more about the details here, or order one here.

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Animal Calendar

We always look forward to the lovely animal portraits created by freelance creative director and artist Andreas Preis, and this year’s limited edition calendar was no different. See more detail here.

Typographic Optical Illusion Calendar

I freely admit that I don’t speak the language, but the beauty of this calendar by Chinese designer YWEICHEN is undeniable. See more details shots here.

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