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80 is the New 80, Only Much Better

Twenty Over Eighty by Bryn Smith and Aileen Kwun (PAP) is a testament to the longevity of talent. It  launched this Tuesday. “Nearly three years in the making,” says Kwun, “the book features 20 interviews with legendary designers, architects and thinkers over the age of 80 who have greatly shaped 20th-century design and beyond. Nearly all of those profiled have careers that span a half-century, sometimes more—and the vast majority of them continue to produce new work to this day.

HOW’s In-House Design Awards HOW’s In-House Design Awards recognize the best creative work produced by designers doing in-house work for corporations, associations and organizations. From corporate identity, sales collateral, point-of-purchase displays, employee communication, membership materials and more, this premiere awards program shines a spotlight on an under-represented segment of the design industry. 

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