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9 Snarky Greeting Card Designs for Every Occasion

I was raised in a family of ubiquitous dad jokes. You couldn’t say “I’m hungry” without the response “Hi hungry, I’m dad (or Melissa, or Bill, or Lynne)” drifting out of someone’s mouth as if it were a reflex. When I broke my foot in four places, nearly every member of my family advised me to stay out of those four places.

Perhaps because of this environment, I have a weakness for snarky jokes. And because most of my family members were artists, I also have a weakness for excellent design.

Imagine my joy, then, when I came across OMG! I Forgot the Card by Claudean Wheeler and Scott Francis. This book contains dozens of gorgeous, adorable and hilarious greeting card designs that you can simply tear out, fold and send. Get this design book here.

See it in action in this video:

This collection of amusing greeting cards contains messages that are sometimes sweet, sometimes snarky, but always hilarious, so you’re sure to find something for everyone. Included are holiday cards, birthday cards, get well cards and much more, so you’ll be prepared for any occasion without having to risk losing your sense of humor by making a trip to the grocery store.

Get OMG! I Forgot the Card at MyDesignShop.

Want to see some of the designs up close?

9 Snarky Greeting Card Designs for Every Occasion

Groundhog Day Greeting Card Design

Valentine’s Day Card

Wedding Congratulations Card

Father’s Day Cards

Congratulations — Pregnancy

Funny Get Well Soon Cards

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