• Steven Heller

A Book That Interacts With Itself

Keith Godard has long made books that defy tradition by encouraging his audience to interact with the content, including Holdup, Sounds and A Little Night Book, among them. As principal of StudioWorks, he has been a distinguished practitioner in the fields of public art and exhibition design for over four decades. Now he’s taken a further leap into the digital maze with a uniquely compelling publication.

His most recent confabulation is Book Mates: Beautiful Story of Friendship Between a Paper Book and a Digital Book (Works Editions). The premise is simple—well, simply complex. On the left page is a traditional illustration, while the right page is meant to be scanned with the Aurasma augmented reality program to see digital drawings on animated pages.

“By rolling the book and folding the pages, [you can] experience playing what the physical form of the book can do,” Godard writes. It’s all done with an iPhone or Android and is a joyful love story to boot.

For copies and information, contact workseditions@studio-works.com.

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