• Chloe Gordon

Peio Ospital Drops a Gorgeous Tribute To Experimental Pop Artist SOPHIE

Scottish experimental pop artist and producer Sophie Xeon, known to the world as SOPHIE, passed away early this year. She was a true artist and inspired so many people through her work.

As a tribute to the artist, French designer Peio Ospital has created a piece that continues Sophie's legacy through design, images, and bold pops of pink. The layout is clean and creates a visual library of all the artist's astonishing feats and quintessential documentation of who she affected throughout her life. The use of the two fonts by Pangram Pangram adds a textural layer to the magazine that adds dimension and interest in an unsuspecting way. The magazine's crispness allows for a safe space for the mood to shine through, ideally suited for a tribute piece from one artist to another.

Project Credits

Graphic Designer - Peio Ospital

Typeface - NEUE BIT by Pangram Pangram

Typeface - Neue Montréal by Pangram Pangram