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American Design Club Call for Entries: Color Show

December 29, 2008. Cost of a booth at the Salone Satelitte fair in Milan: several thousand Euros. Cost of a spot in an exhibition organized by the American Design Club, a new platform for emerging designers: $35, provided your work is selected. Considering there’s a recession on, you’d have to be daft not to give it a shot—now’s your chance to submit for the Club’s upcoming Color Show:

"The American Design Club (AmDC) will curate and present a second collection of contemporary design based on the theme of Color. The curators will consider and select work from submissions which show a specific relationship between the object and the role of color, in the piece’s aesthetics. Perhaps the object’s color is essential to its understanding? Perhaps the object uses one color only? Designs must be able to prove a relationship to the theme, however that may be. There will be an emphasis on selecting new work for the show. You need be neither “American” nor a “Designer” to submit, and membership to the American Design Club is assumed once your work has been exhibited in an AmDC show."

Deadline for entries is January 16. Head to AmericanDesignClub.com to download a submission form, or email info@americandesignclub.com