• Steven Heller

Digital Wood at 25

Twenty-five years ago the late Rob Roy Kelly, the maestro of American wood type preservation, scholarship and practice, supplied specimens to Adobe from which the type team devised this digital Wood Type Package 1: Juniper, Cottonwood, Ponderosa, Ironwood, Mesquite and accompanying ornaments.

This specimen, printed in 1990, is the next generation of historical artifact, covering the nascent period of digital media. The people who made this history are still around: Sumner Stone, leader of the Adobe Type Staff, along with Kim Buker, Barbara Lind, Joy Redick, managed by fred Brady and Carol Twombly. The designer of the booklet was Laurie Szujewska. Kelly wrote an historical introduction.

I present it, not to be nostalgic (the alphabets are still available) but to see our present is not that different from the past.

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