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Weekend Heller: Fletcher, Sappi, Phantom & Poland

Alan Fletcher Archive: Immortality on the Web

Alan Fletcher, one of the original founders of Pentagram who died September 2006, now an archive, Alan Fletcher: Work and Play, devoted to his work — spanning 1952-2006 is live online.

Photo: Martin Dunkerton

There are sections dedicated to his work at studios Fletcher Forbes; Fletcher Forbes Gill; Crosby Fletcher Forbes; and, of course, Pentagram, formed in 1971 when the expanding studio could not keep adding surnames to the company name.

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Ideas that Continue to Matter

In 1999 Sappi Fine Paper North America established Ideas that Matter — an annual grant program that recognizes and supports designers who generously donate their time and talent to a wide range of charitable activities. Since its inception, Ideas that Matter has funded over 500 nonprofit projects, contributing $12 million worldwide to causes of value.

Among these notable projects is Bao Design Lab, a consultancy that employs design to address challenges at the base of the world’s economic pyramid, aiming to improve the well-being of people in areas where resources are scarce. In 2010, Bao Design Lab won a $40,000 grant for the implementation of Project Dose, a program which addresses issues with improper medication delivery affecting millions of sick children in developing countries. Today, Sappi launched an inspirational video to showcase the story behind the inspiration and creation of Project Dose.

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Prints for the Phantom

Dark Hall Mansion in Los Angeles, a classic film preservation group, unveils its second installment in the DHM-Seminal Film Series with the 1925s’ epic, “The Phantom of the Opera” starring “the inimitable Lon Chaney” and designed vibrantly by poster illustrator Laurent Durieux.

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Poland on Eastern Long Island

For the beach-bound: An exhibition of Polish posters is currently on view at Riverhead Free Library, 330 Court St., Riverhead, Long Island, N.Y. (Thanks to Rob Shepperson)

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