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11 All-American Design Projects Featuring Great Typography & Lettering

The extended deadline for the HOW In-House Design Awards is July 5. Don’t miss this opportunity to recognize your team’s work—because a boost of confidence really is in reach! All it takes is one entry.

We’ve decided to celebrate the 4th of July with one of our favorite topics. These all-American design projects range from book covers to packaging to stamp designs, but they share two things in common: excellent typography and lettering, and representations of what makes the USA special. You’ll find work from both American-born and immigrant designers below, as well as just-for-fun projects and a some that address current challenges the US faces—and, of course, plenty of red, white and blue. Feast your eyes on these lovely projects and let us know on Twitter (@printmag) if you’ve created excellent work like this.

1. Tennessee Homemade Wines Co.

Chad Michael Studio, Dallas, TX; www.chadmichealstudio.com: Chad Michael (designer/copywriter), Rusty Hill (photographer), Clove St. Press (printing); Tennessee Homemade Wines (client)

2. Anonymous Chalkboard Graffiti

Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH; www.ccad.edu: Dangerdust (art directors/designers/illustrators/photographers), Matthew Mohr (advising instructor)

The anonymous duo behind these designs is well known for sneaking into vacant classrooms at Columbus College of Art and Design and turning chalkboards into handlettered works of art that inspire not only peers, but admirers the world over.

3. My Southern Journey: True Stories From the Heart of the South

Oxmoor House, Birmingham, AL: Felicity Keane (creative director), Christopher Rhoads (art director), Maribeth Jones (designer), Annie Howe (illustrator), Rick Bragg (writer); Southern Living/Time Inc. (client)

4. Literally Lettering

School of Visual Arts, New York City; www.sva.edu: David Leutert (illustrator), Matthew Richmond (advising instructor)

5. Hamilton: The Revolution

Design Firm Headcase Design, Philadelphia; www.headcasedesign.com | Creative Team Paul Kepple, art director/designer; Max Vandenberg, designer; Josh Lehrer, Joan Marcus, Matthew Murphy, Frank Ockenfels, photographers; Jeremy McCarter, Lin-Manuel Miranda, copywriters; Lauren Nathan, editor (Melcher Media); Susan Lynch, production manager (Melcher Media); Chika Azuma, production artist | Clients Melcher Media, Grand Central Publishing | Details The text takes a more literate approach than the average making-of Broadway book, and we wanted the design to reflect that—so we used historically accurate fonts for the libretto, with their modern counterparts for the chapter text.

6. Dallas Show 2016

Designer Alex Egner, Denton, TX; www.alexegner.com | Creative Team Alex Egner, designer; Jeremy Sharp, photographer | Printer Ussery Printing | Client Dallas Society of Visual Communications | Details This election year–themed poster was for the 2016 Dallas Show.

7. Fliip Football Board Game

Caliber Creative, Dallas; www.calibercreative.com: Brandon Murphy (creative director), Bret Sano (creative director/designer), Karie Scuiller (account manager); Fliip Football (client)

8. “Philadelphia Explained” Installation

Pentagram; www.pentagram.com: Paula Scher (creative director/art director/designer), Courtney Gooch, Sarah McKeen (designers); Temple Contemporary at the Tyler School of Art (client)

9. Forever Love USPS Stamps

Studio A, Alexandria, VA; www.studioa.com: Bill Gicker (creative director), Antonio Alcalá (art director/designer), Jessica Hische (designer/illustrator); United States Postal Service (client)

“Each year in January, the United States Postal Service issues a new ‘Love’ stamp. This year’s design began when art director Antonio Alcalá made a sketch of a heart shape formed by the word forever. Poetically, the concept suggests the enduring power of love.”

—Studio A (23)

10. Letterpress Posters

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11. Land of Goodness Poster Campaign

Shine United, Madison, WI; www.shineunited.com: Michael Kriefski (creative director), John Krull (creative director/art director/designer), Jeff Foster (illustrator); Wisconsin Cheese (client)