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And a Phuze Ring in a Pear Tree

By: Steven Heller | December 3, 2008

Core77 has done it again: They’ve unleashed their 3rd Annual Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, “77 Design Gifts Under $77”. (Blogger’s note: 7 is my lucky number, so anything with 7s gets my thumbs up.) This year, SantaCore has put together the most unique guide ever, and are proud to feature items that span high- and low-tech, craft, books, philanthropy, DIY, fashion, food, utility, and some just-crazy-enough-to-work stuff too. They are also featuring two Core77 exclusives at the top of the list: Throwing Star Magnets and BottleBob, a device for magically inserting a straw into a soda bottle cap. Also cool is a Phuze Glass Cocktail Ring (hmmmm). As Core77’s co-founder, Santa’s li’l helpa, and resident re-gifter, Allan Chochinov, says: “So true that it’s better to give than to receive, the fun we had in choosing the items for this year’s list was the highlight for us. And while readers can indeed purchase these items from their sources, simply browsing through the set of 77 might provide just a little uplift in these tight times.” Gift on, baby!!!