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October 2018 Animal Planet launched a comprehensive new brand identity designed by Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv centering the network’s programming around the childhood joy and wonder of animals by bringing people up close in every way. The channel is currently in 360 million homes in more than 205 countries and territories. Animal Planet blends personal connections with animals and powerful natural-history storytelling. I asked Pablo Pulido, VP Marketing, Animal Planet to talk about the process that ended in making a leaping elephant.

We envisioned a rebirth from the brand core. And it became clear that we needed an expert in building identities, in crafting iconic marks. Animal Planet – we believe – has the potential to become a much more meaningful experience for our audiences. And we wanted a shape and a form that could capture the essence of our global brand. I started looking off the beaten path and discovered an agency, CGH, that has designed some of the most iconic marks in use today. I was amazed by the amount of great logos in their body of work.

One meeting is all it took for Susanna and I to know CGH was the agency capable of designing our new global brand mark. Their experience, knowledge of the creative process and elevated sense of design – beautiful, functional design, with a purpose – was exactly what we needed.

Our previous logo which did not include an animal, became rigid and non-responsive to the way audiences consume content nowadays. It was 10 years old and didn’t react well to being adapted for new media.

How does this new logo, in your opinion, further tell the story of your channel? Animal Planet is about keeping the childhood joy and wonder of animals alive by bringing people up close in every way. CGH managed to create a logo that re interprets our past in a surprising and unexpected way. If Animal Planet is about reconnecting audiences to the natural world, a place of movement, color and action; what better way to herald that than with an iconic mark that invites movement and wonder? The logo, through its elegant simplicity, is capable of carrying this message beyond linear and across devices, platforms, cultures and great distances in an eloquent manner.

Do you have other plans for your elephant? Our plan for our leaping elephant is to evolve its use across the world, and build our stature as a network. We want to create with it new ways for audiences to interact with the brand beyond linear. 3/4 of Animal Planet’s audiences are outside of the U.S. – we have a true global brand with a heart imbued with purpose and we intend to take it as far as it can go.

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