• Steven Heller

Anti Fascists

Need to brush up on your Adobe After Effects knowledge? We’ve got the course for you.

Fascism is on the march—AGAIN! This is not simply a paranoid left wing canard against cyclical illiberal political rumblings. None other than former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright has sounded a cautious alarm in a New York Times Op Ed essay and prelude to her current book, Fascism: A Warning.

“What is to be done?” she writes. “First, defend the truth. A free press, for example, is not the enemy of the American people; it is the protector of the American people. Second, we must reinforce the principle that no one, not even the president, is above the law. Third, we should each do our part to energize the democratic process by registering new voters, listening respectfully to those with whom we disagree, knocking on doors for favored candidates, and ignoring the cynical counsel: ‘There’s nothing to be done.'”

Image makers—designers, graphic artists and filmmakers—can also mobilize their talents to remind their communities and the world at large that danger resides in subtle and overt symbols of hatred. These anti fascist signs, flyers and stickers may not fell the powerful, but they remind the rest of us that our guards must be up and that the normalization of dictatorial behavior cannot—must not—be tolerated. Keep vigilant and obtrusive! Don’t stop!

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