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Appetite Appeal

By: Steven Heller | March 24, 2010

Recycling is a good thing, right? But is it appetizing? A newly opened restaurant in the Meat Packing District (a not wholly appetizing name for eateries) called The Collective (owned by The One Group) is basing its allure on recycled everything, from chairs (made from traffic signs) to lamps (made from scores of orange prescription bottles), to whatever (made from whatever).

The interior design is the work of ICrave, the architectural firm known for its upscale work on the clubs Tenjune and Crobar, the W Atlanta Hotel Midtown, and the markets at the T5 JetBlue Terminal at JFK. They set about to create a distinct identity while saving money. “ICrave recruited artists on Craigslist and Etsy, assembling a team that included a plumber who also worked designs lighting fixtures in styrofoam, a former Swiss goldsmith who recycles street signs, and a pair of women carpenters from Brooklyn who create dazzling floors from reclaimed wood,” wrote Linda Tischler at Fast Company. The pictures above and below are where you’ll be seated if your party is incomplete or late. See more interiors here. And a NY1 video here.

Those of us who love funky (Mad Max/Matrix Modern), will find a lot of it at The Collective (the old One Little West 12th Street). Let’s just hope the cuisine is not pre-chewed.