• Steven Heller

Book Bag

Look closely at these wonderful book jackets. Now, look again. Can you tell a book by its cover? More to the point, can you tell a woman’s bag by its book cover. What?!! These are not books but handbags with redrawn and painted covers based on original covers and found in the various collections and accessory lines by French clothing designer Olympia Le-Tan, who, for those who know the work, is the daughter of the illustrator Pierre Le-Tan.

Olympia has taken her creative genes to the next level. Her delightful retrofitting of 1930s book jackets and other vintage graphic ephemera, fetches pricey tariffs (the average price is €1,200.00). But who wouldn’t want to walk around their home town with handbags that prove literary cred (shown below). At that price, however, all you’ll keep in your bag is a hanky and change.

Additional Resource Interested in book cover design? “Lolita-The Story of a Cover Girl” features new takes on this tale’s cover art, created by 80 graphic designers and illustrators (such as Paula Scher and Jessica Hische), as well as analysis of Lolita book covers throughout the years by literary scholars.

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