• Steven Heller

The Banality of Evil Newspapers

N.S.B.Z. (Nationalsozialistische Beamtenzeietung) was the official newspaper for the German public servant, published twice monthly by the Nazi NSDAP Leadership. It was an easing of government workers into the Nazi regime prior to the rise of Hitler as Chancellor, and supported their role in the new state. Each issue contains the latest info that the Nazi Party leadership thought was important enough to be mentioned to the public servants, together with interesting news from all corners of the German Reich.

Besides the staid design and elaborate logo, it is the model of an ideological newspaper at the beginning of a tyrannical and tragic dictatorship. But as Hannah Arendt has written, the Nazi apparatus was a banality of evil, and the ads featured in these papers—everything you need to be a well-rounded civil servant—is the crux of that tragic banality.

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