• Steven Heller

Bascove’s Bridges To Everywhere

The artist Bascove says, “New York City has more than 2,000 bridges connecting and integrating its various neighborhoods and environs. In their day, these engineering marvels represented the inventiveness and boldness of a young country to the rest of the world. Even today, the sensation of suspension, whether crossing over water or above land, of moving from one world to another while hovering above, is both timeless and exhilarating.”

For decades Bascove has been drawing, painting and making prints of these magnificent bridges. Today, she’s embarked on a new approach: “I began to arrange and reconstruct my research photographs differently. Reassembling the geometry and architectural details of these structures, many I’ve come to know intimately, was a delight. They instantly became new spaces to explore. Other obsessions – the moon, botany and reading — that had previously been painted in a more realistic manner were soon treated to this same investigation.”

Opening September 27 her new and old work will be on view in the exhibit “Bascove: Celestial Symphonies & Bridge Solos” until January 7 at the Atrium Gallery, Morris County Administration & Record Building, 10 Court Street, Morristown, New Jersey.

Here is a video of the making of the Hellgate Bridge project.

Star Maps, 2013, photographs, drawing, collage

Southwest Reservoir Bridge,Central Park, 2008, oil on canvas

Hell Gate Bridge, 2018, photographs, drawing & collage

Gothic Bridge, Central Park, 2008, oil on canvas

Color Charts, 2015, photographs, drawing, thread, collage

Brooklyn Bridge, Erratica II, 2007, silkscreen

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