• Chloe Gordon

Blank Object Is A Piece That Will Undoubtedly Inspire Creative Thinking

Blank Object, by Youhyeon Cho, is a project that challenges its readers to reconsider the presence of glass. Throughout the pages, you'll find descriptive words about glass and then visual representations to go along with them. It will genuinely push your creative thinking in that the understanding of objects can go beyond what's directly in front of us. For example, included in the book, glass can be fragile. A big, sans serif "FRAGILE" is on one page, and the next is a piece of shattered glass. The images are artful, abstract, and not obvious. The pages throughout this piece will have you thinking about every object around you creatively.


I think glass is not just a material, but a summary of the world we live in. I have explored the properties of the glass and conducted experiments on its materiality. Through this process, I have made images and graphics as a result. Furthermore, I have expanded this project by collecting personal stories of people constantly making and unmaking their boundaries, which are similar to the materiality of the glass.

This project suggests the audience to reconsider the presence of the glass and I wish to share my delightful experiences with the others.

Youhyeon Cho