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The Beauty of Letterpress: Alvin Lustig Elements Prints

Neenah’s ongoing series, The Beauty of Letterpress, has been on our radar for quite some time. Featuring drool-worthy works by Jessica Hische, Marian Bantjes, Design Army, Tad Carpenter, Armin Vit, and many others, it’s a designer’s dream come true.

Now, The Beauty of Letterpress has released the Lustig Elements Collection, a limited-edition of letterpress prints designed by Craig Welsh and supporting the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing museum. Here’s what Neenah told us about the collection

The collection gets its name from a typeface that modernist designer Alvin Lustig began to design in the 1930’s but never completed. Welsh, a design educator and award-winning designer based in Lancaster, PA, rediscovered the font and began a mission to revive it. Over a four-year period he worked closely with AIGA Medalist Elaine Lustig Cohen to bring Lustig Elements to life. The newly completed typeface was created for both wood type and a digital font. The collection is comprised of four prints. Welsh used the four shapes — elements — that create every letter of the Lustig Elements font, and designed four patterns that would pay homage to Lustig’s modernist work.

Check out some gorgeous selections form the collection and details about the design process:

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The Lustig Elements Collection | All photos of the collection by Pammi Simone, simoneassociates.com


Elaine Lustig Cohen working on reviving a font Alvin Lustig originally began designing in the 1930’s.


Award-winning designer Elaine Lustig Cohen working with Craig Welsh, a designer and educator so inspired by modern design pioneer Alvin Lustig, that he set out to celebrate the man by reviving a font Lustig originally began designing in the 1930’s. With Lustig Cohen’s help, Welsh has recently completed the new version of the font—originally called Euclid—known as Lustig Elements.

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You can get 11 x 14 prints from the collection at beautyofletterpress.com, and 100% of the proceeds from sales go directly to the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing museum.

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