• Steven Heller

Birds of a Letter

To celebrate turkey day, let’s look at some other, non-eatable fowl. These birds of a letter, representing indigenous oiseaux of France, introduced children to their ABCs but also to the aviary of la belle France. Printed on porous newsprint, these Epinal illustrations lulled children into learning about type at a formative age. Happy Thanksgiving.

Last call! 2014 Typography & Lettering Awards. Deadline Dec. 1, 2014.

Typography is one of the most vital keys to successful design—and Print’s all-new Typography & Lettering Awards is here to celebrate it. But this isn’t just a competition for classic type designers: We’re looking for projects that feature great uses of type by any designer. We’re looking for handlettered work. And, of course, we’re also looking for original typefaces built from the ground up.

Enter today for a chance to have your work judged by Paul Shaw and Jessica Hische, and for a chance to be featured in Print magazine, and more.

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