• Chloe Gordon

Blame It on the Juice: Lizzo 1000-Piece Puzzle Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

With 10.3 million Instagram followers, Lizzo is something of a legend. Watch any of her music videos, and you'll find yourself dancing along, feeling empowered, and definitely preaching the self-love manifesto that's so ingrained in her songs. Hardie Grant Books, along with millions of other people, are big fans of the queen and, to celebrate their love of her, they have created a 1000 piece puzzle. With the help of illustrator Georgia Perry, the design is full of hidden meanings and little quirks relating to Lizzo, including her passions and music. With its bright colors and fun design, this is a puzzle that'll never get old even though it's 1000 pieces.

Blame It On The Juice is a 1000-piece puzzle celebrating Lizzo in all her glory - cuz we love her! This is an official product endorsed by Lizzo herself. Illustrated by Georgia Perry, this puzzle features three different illustrations of Lizzo surrounded by things she loves, including the iconic Sasha Flute. That's how we roll.

Brimming with hidden detail and eye-catching designs, the Piece Full puzzle series offers beautiful projects for mindful gamers and art lovers alike.

Each puzzle takes between 3–10 hours to complete.

Project Credits

Hardie Grant Books

Illustrator and Designer: Georgia Perry