Brand of the Day: The Evolution of the Insurance Identity, Thanks to 72andSunny

Insurance is (rightfully) boring. And insurance company identities tend to be even more so.

But as 72andSunny Amsterdam proves via its new work for Zurich Insurance Group, that doesn’t always need to be the case.

After winning a competitive pitch—conducted entirely virtually after a pandemic lockdown was declared in both Amsterdam and Zurich—72andSunny began work that would both reflect a new direction in insurance branding, but also Zurich’s evolved approach to its sector.

The concept: Putting the customer in the center of the equation, in a “Safe Space,” which “was created by adding functionality to the brand’s lettermark to give room for people’s ideas and dreams for the future to be developed.”

As for the rest of the identity, it comes down to some geometric and typographic magic.

The ‘Safe Space’ is accompanied with a new, bold shape language to create a distinct, consistent look and feel across digital channels,” as 72andSunny writes. “A new typeface system pairs the brand’s heritage and expertise with their innovative, forward-thinking mindset, rounds up the identity and creates an ownable, dynamic system.”

Insurers are engaging with their customers in all-new ways, and now the visuals are beginning to match the strategy.

Insurance companies, take note: Design risks can indeed lead to reward.