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Branding Bond: 24 Minimalist James Bond Posters

Last week, we wrote about Matt Needle’s James Bond poster project, in which he’s creating a poster for every single James Bond movie leading up to the delayed No Time to Die—and soon after, we heard from Finnish-born, UK-based designer Santeri Lohi, who recently completed his own Bond poster challenge.

Lohi works in the branding world, and finds himself perpetually striving to boil his design down to the essentials, which you can see in his output below, capturing all the Bond films he grew up loving.

As he says, “The 007 universe is full of gadgets, colorful characters and villains with crazy, elaborate plans. The task of distilling all this into one simple poster concept is challenging, but equally satisfying when a good idea finally strikes after banging your head against the wall for hours. I was able to keep to my self-imposed deadline of releasing one of these per day, and I’ll certainly be treating myself to a vodka martini for accomplishing that mission. I should have already.”

Here, in chronological order, is Lohi’s concept-rich and Easter Egg–laden full set.

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