• Steven Heller

Women Under The Influence

This must never happen again! We hope. Where a cult disguised as a nation controls of the collective mind of its base. In this case the base was the young girls that comprised the Bund Deutscher Mädel (Organization of German Girls) under a Nazi government. The BDM was the female section of the Hitler Youth; kind of comparable to the Girl Scouts but more odiously ideological. The role was to indoctrinate girls into the beliefs and ideals of the Nazi regime.

The BDM focused on developing girls into women who were dedicated to Nazism, dutiful housewives, and whose main role within in German society was to become fecund Aryan mothers. Girls were programmed to grow-up with an unquestioned understanding of the intended duty of women in the Third Reich. Bund Deutscher Mädel members were required to have German parents, be in good health, and conform to eugenic ideals.

ARBEITSMAID IN DER NORDMARK published in 1940 by Erich Klinghammer Verlag in Berlin was a souvenir for the young women who fulfilled their mandatory labor service in Summer camps in the northern region of Germany, known as the Nordmark. These photos document  the enforced labor service that every BDM girl had to fulfill. It was called ‘Landjahr’ or also ‘Pflichtjahr’ and the young women mostly helped out as free labor on German farms.

The Nazi brand was embedded in everything and underscored the idea that through state apparatus the absolute leader would make Germany great again.